Thursday, December 6, 2012


I took flight with you
in your airship spirit
what beautiful skies we
traveled, as time halted,
ceasing to exist in our
eternal commune within the
cosmos of our universal
clear blue ocean surrounding
reflected our enduring allure,
envied by the masses who
witnessed our aerial perfection
our limitless sky glimmered
while we reached for the sun,
And stared among the stars,
finding home in the heat
of our passion, closely knit
to persevere solar flares
and vast thunderstorms,
outlasting existence itself
I took flight with you
assured our love would
withstand all seasons
of our diverse expanse
Of our diverse worlds
...that timeless moment of
the awakening of hearts,
so gracefully alive...
but then I landed roughly
in a mountainous landscape
wounding our souls severely
and weakening our vigor
as the sun vanished to
an undisclosed horizon,
parting our vision from
our senses and leaving us
unsteady beneath a starless
nightfall, obscurely afraid
we lost our ways;
the map of our cosmos
lost in the milky way,
as the moment elapsed
and we were left
wandering, separately
but our love was closely
knit to outlast our own
existence, beyond any
visionary dimension
so when you recover our
ship, revive our dream,
rediscover our perfection
I will be waiting in
the desolate mountains
of the terrain where you
deserted my heart...

(reminiscing our voyage)


Jewels from India pilgrim to the far north of my heart, closest to where mouth is able to spew remnants of diamonds coated with deceit, emeralds green with envy, rubies bleed with anger. My heart is covered with a thin sheet of insanity that palpitates to the secrets I carry.

And along the arteries lodged between these fragile walls, flows life, while Karma with its cords coiled around me, his canopy envelopes me and sends messages to my core to remind me "the wheel of life revolves around me".

And if I decide to ignore the rod of correction, these never ending chimes beating against my conscious mind, life will then engulf me....and all my fantasies will burst free and give birth to sinful treachery.....a mutiny between my heart and my mind.....exploding!

And when the treachery is finished and the coop of my heart and mind fought its battle, a signal sends an ethereal message to me "my treachery was unrewarding and cost me much".....There I've decided this ship belongs to one. I hope he steers it well, for I no longer desire pilgrim for another, I sail on the sea I now voyage with TH.


Seated on the axis of folly and fortune
Life's unpredictability decided to play me a jigsaw puzzle.


Imperfect but undoubtedly phenomenal
I had possessed in me the ability to turn butterflies into squirming emotions fluttering in the deep, dark corners of my heart. And made of these emotions a cocoon  of welled up sarcasms and expectations. Just with a smile from your beautiful face, the crevice of my overly contagious heart spreads love.


Shooting stars never warned us of their celestial presence.
Nor does the sea coaches us on the rhythmic melody of its song.
Guardians of the shore massages our feet with tiny grains of sunken beauty
and never once reminds us that it is only sand.
So why then should we be so systematic with love?

Just as the ocean that's so densely blue from a distance.....with no window of opportunity to see below the surface of its is a woman so beautiful with an offering hand and a negligent heart. And as the tides roll in and the sun light kisses the ocean floor below, making it so vividly apparent, so is a women who opens her soul to the one who strokes her desires with glistening words and makes her world an open book of daunting thoughts and expectations. Now attracted by the sandy shore, the ocean becomes transparent, clear as a glass that has never been touched, smudged or is her soul a beautiful sculpture of his imaginations and most dearest aspirations that he clings to her and bathes in her glorious innocence .......And as the tides touch the shore line and becomes one with the does he and her mutates....becoming one and peacefully rests at the break of tides.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Or an equal or opposite reaction?
Withered down like a broken tune
My solo moaned on broken tributes
Lover of self has no chips to gain
Checked, folded and raised my conquests game
for aftermaths of self pity and scattered hearts.

Chroni symptoms of a good girl
Who curtsy when there were no performance
And batters her lashes hoping for love's endurance.
Advancing further than good girls dare
Filtrate her targets mind with seeds sown bare.

It is a most beautiful thing
That love so many vextions bring
Pirates of intimacy who holds no duty
Yet a storm of passion can anchor there sexual mutiny.
In search of a freedom song from the blossoming of her desires
From wrongs committed in drunkardness laid on fruitful admirers.


Its a beautiful feeling!
I gt caremel and chocolate running through my skin
Sweet honey dew from my lips
Brown sugar spewing from my heart.
Diamonds brighten my eyes
and silk covering my offereing hand.

Its a beautiful feeling to feel a beautiful me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Carmen McCrae played her games with me. She touched my heart while breathing sweet melody in my ear..."All is fair in looovvvee"....She moved me to a place painted with red, stone cold beneath my feet. And in the corners of this ruins were eyes,
Crawling up on me
Crawling up my thighs
Digging through my eyes.

And as I kept walking, a voice soared above me like a musical ribbon that hangs from the high rocks where temples perch. There he was, John Coltrane serenades me as wind moves above the floor, with a rhythm gnawing at me.

In this place was a war between strings and keys.
He moved towards me, tongue in cheeks he resonates in treble clef, bass, alto and tenor..." Baby, do you know my heart?...I take nothing from you, but give all to you..."
Tata ta doodoo doom

I stood with wild eyes as women spun cartwheels joyously in torn chemise. Men stood and twirled the mustaches. Voices were an instrument bouncing off the feet of wandering souls.
Ascends the rapids.
Abyss without limits.
Blood and flesh vanishes.
Bodies dispossessed.
Space becomes void.

"Whhooo spin me harder, lift me higher" dancing in motion...motions without actions.

Homer and Troubadours with their siren sung. Like solemn in a prayer, their hands clasped around me, reverence in vocal mutiny....Pulling me to the dance floor.
Memories echoes and echoes,
they swung me high,
twirled me around in notes so profound.
Skirts danced,
Pianos strum my waltz,
Hair whips with fierceness.

Badaboom...Tata ta ta....saxophone resounds.

Frolicking on the axis of the wheel of life in music and cocktails. High enough to the feel the golden stars brush my face and moon glowing with sweet ambiance. And beneath me, was no one to catch me...The music stopped.

Alone nude in my bed room with the boom box playing silence...I felt the cold floor on my cheeks.
I sleep now with a stereo in my dreams...Jazz me up baby!